melisiich, v.t.strengthen; pull (oneself) together; be strong, resolved or patient.
melisiich a smisiich; remuul el mo mesisiich; mengedecheduch el smisichii a reng; sisichii; sisichel.
/sisichii a melisiich er ngii; rullii el mo mesisiich a melisiich er tir; rulleterir el mo mesisiich.
kasisiichv.recip.strengthen each other.
kasisiich a didu el melisiich; ketkakl; klasisiich, smisiich a meltib el urreor, sisichii a ngerel el melekoi.
/sisichall to be strengthened.
sisichall a melisiich er ngii; ngalek a sisichall el mo di ngii el ourreor el kirel; kirel el mo mesisiich.
melisiich a tekoiexpr.confirm; attest to.
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> Elilai was really trying to be courageous.
> said Charlotte, to sort of give Wilbur courage.

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