, n., [From English] school.
skuul a olsechall er a omesuub; blil a osisechakl, skuul a omekrael a rechad el mo meduch el di tir.
skuleln.poss.3sskulel a skuul el le tilobed er ngii; ngar ngii a skulel er a llach, omsangel.
ngalek er a skuulexpr.student; pupil.
tekoi er a or academic matters.
See also:
> The school is situated in the general direction of the beach.
> The school is getting (more and more) crowded.
> I was sick, so I didn't go to school.
> This school had a cement floor.
> The majority of those who are teachers at that school are Americans.
More Examples:
> I need to buy my son's supplies for school.
> Number of cooks at this school
> I used to get spanked with a ruler or yard stick when I was in school.
> Teachers had the authority to discipline and correct the kids on premises.
> Teachers need respect.

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