merers, v.t.fence in; pen up; enclose.
merers a melenget a sers; sorsii a blil; smers a rael; sersel a babii. a melenget er ngii; merers; sersel a mekesokes. a merers; tonget; sorsii, smers a mekesokes; sersel.
kesersv.recip.block each other.
kesers a ketenget; didu el merers; melenget, sorsii a blil; smers a mekesokes; sersel.
selersv.r.s.fenced in; enclosed.
selers a telenget; mla mesers; sorsii, telengetongel; rael a selers, smers, sersel.
sersallv.a.s.sersall a ousbech er a sers; kirel el mesers; metenget, blai a sersall, sorsii, merers er ngii. to be fenced or enclosed.
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> 100 prisoners are held by the prison.
> 100 prisoners are being held by the prison.
> The prison is holding 100 prisoners.

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