lik, n.anything used to line the bottom of a cooking pot or the bottom of a basket.
lik a klalo el melik, ngar a eungel; kilkuld a lkil a ngimes; lik er a olekang, likir, lmik.
osaur, n.anything to tie with.
osaur a lechet; mesaur a billum; besebes el merenged a klalo; osaur a telechull, surel.
osureln.poss.3sosurel a saur er ngii, lechetel, surel a billum.
osurel a sualoexpr.string, etc. for tying basket.
, n.basket (typically woven hastily for temporary use).
sualo a oruikl; cheluikl el dui el blil a kall me a klalo.
sbalo a sualo; oruikl el blil a kall, klalo.
suang a sualo; oreuikl.

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