melechosech, v.t.take a bite of (solid food); cut too much hair off (head).
melechosech a mengiok a kall; suchesechii; suchosech a bobai, sechesechel. a mengiok; melechosech er ngii; suchesechii a ongraol. a mengiok; melechosech a ongraol; suchesechii.
kesechosechv.recip.(everyone) take bite of his own food.
kesechosech a di du el melechosech; suchesechii a ongraol, suchosech a kall.
mesesechosechv.redup.munch on.
mesesechosech a mekekokil e mekudem el melechosech a kall; oudertelkib; suchesechii, sechesechel.
v.a.s.(solid food) is to be bitten into.
sechesuchel a sechesechall; melechosech a kall.
selechosechv.r.s.(solid food) bitten into; (head) to closely shorn.
selechosech a kliok; mla mesechosech; kukau a selechosech; suchesechii; klard, sechesechel a kukau.
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