melmesumech, v.t.say goodbye or farewell to; give (wife) payment at time of divorce; refuse (person) gracefully.
melmesumech a merort er a chebechiil; olmesumech; sumesmechii e le merekong; olmesmechel a udoud; melmesumech a sumesmechii; sumesumech a klechedaol; merael; ak merolung; kiei; mechikung.
sumesmechii a melmesumech er ngii; ngoderii me ng merael.
selmesumechv.r.s.bidden farewell; given divorce payment; refused gracefully.
selmesumech a mla mesmesumech; buch a diak el selmesumech; diak a olmesmechel; mla merael.
/semesmechall to be bidden farewell or given divorce payment; is to be refused gracefully.
smesmochel a kirel el mesmesumech; sumesmechii a meldort a chebechielel el dil; smesmechel.
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