kuk, mod.instead; by contrast; in addition; then; next; in turn; just.
kuk a omech a tekoi; ng kuk ker? ng kuk ngera soam? ng kuk ngii!
machod, num.10 [ten] (counting).
machod a ochur; iai, itiu, machod.
machod me a orungexpr.twelve.
machod me a tangexpr.eleven.
mengabs, v.t.hang with rope, etc.; commit suicide by hanging; defeat (someone) by getting special hand in hanahuda (card game).
mengabs a kobsii; kuabs a tuu er a kerrekar; kebsel.
, num.1 [one] (unit of time; human; counting).
tang a ochur el chimong , ta el buil, ta el tekoi, ta el chad.
tang, n.foundation pillar in house and contemporary bai; support post of house; stick; stake.
tang a klekedall er a blai, bai; tang a dechor er a chutem; tengal.
teruich, num.10 [ten] (unit of time; human).
teruich a ochur (10), teruich el buil; teruich el klebesei, teruich el ekebil.

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