tab,, appearing.
tebengeln.poss.3sappearance (of new moon); first; best.
tebengel a tab er ngii; tuab a buil.
tebetabn.redup.raised place or vista near sea.
tebetab a bkul a beluu; tkul a daob; rengeasek a milil er a tebetab.
bkul a of cape in Ngiual.
chedil a tab el builexpr.apogee tide on first day of new moon.
delechel a tab el builexpr.perigee tide on first day of new moon.
tab el moon.
tab er a of cape in Ngerngesang.
tebengel a builexpr.first appearance of moon.
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> Sit down for a while.
> Come on in for a bit and eat.
More Examples:
> You're like the jellyfish that do not have a destination.
> I told my mom that I'm going to the park.

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