tekoi, n.word; speech; language; action; deed; matter; custom; advice (given verbally); issue; case; event.
tekoi a cheldecheduch; tekoi el lolekoi a rechad; omelekoi, tekingel.
tekingeln.poss.3stekingel a tekoi el ngii a outekoi; tekingel a merreder.
blil a tekoiexpr.person about whom others are gossiping or making derogatory comments.
melai a tekoiexpr.bring or convey news, ideas, opinions of; take advice of.
tekoi el beluuexpr.decision of the community.
tekoi er a beluuexpr.matters of community interest.
tekoi er a blaiexpr.private matters.
tekoi er a daobexpr.special words spoken to calm the sea.
tekoi er a ngorexpr.fib; spoken language.
tekoi er a raelexpr.non-private matters; public knowledge.
tekoi er a rengukexpr.what I believe or think to be true.
tekoi er a resechalexpr.(typical) men's behavior.
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> Issue a decree that they are to be put to death.
> Droteo was arguing with Toki and (now) he regrets or is ashamed of what he said.
> She ate her words (i.e., she went ahead and did something she said she would never do).
> You're very kind or helpful.
> The words of the Lord came to Jeremiah while he was still imprisoned in the palace courtyard.
> He swallowed his words.
An inconsistent person, especially one who has stated that he would never do something, then does it.
More Examples:
> They are laughing at what Bung said.
> Actions speak more than words.
> If we go at it, yoy won't be able to say anything.

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