merruud, v.t.break, tear or smash down; take apart; break (relationship between people).
merruud a melemall; torudii a blai; toruud a mlai, terudel. a meruud er ngii; terudel. a merruud; melemall; mla toruud a mlai; torudii a blai; terudel.
meteruudv.erg.get broken, torn or smashed down or taken apart.
telerruudv.r.s.broken or torn or smashed down; scattered.
telerruud a telerrakl.
terruudv.s.smashed down; taken apart.
terruud a mla meterruud; berriid, telemall, torudii a blai, toruud a mlai; terudel.
/teruadel to be broken, torn or smashed down; is to be taken apart.
terudall a kirel el meteruud; torudii a mechut el mlai; toruud, terudel.
merruud a rengexpr.heart-breaker.
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> Someone broke in our window.

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