, n.
banded rail (Rallus philippensis); person who always has a negative comment/opinion.
terriid a ta er a bedengel a suebek el charm. A terriid a suebek el charm; ng ngar er ngii a bsechel. Ng di telkib el meklou er a derariik. Ng bekekerekard e btelul e ko er a bedengel a chutem a chelechedal. A terriid a di blechoel el merael er a chutem el ua a malk. Ng diak el blechoel el suebek el ua a kiuid Ng sebechel el kall.
> You take a shower really fast.
> You're like the terriid bird which stays among the taro plants but goes hungry (i.e. you're surrounded by girls but can't make it with any of them).
> Like the terriid, in the taro garden but hungry
The terriid, a bird, is often seen in the taro garden but, unlike the purple swamp hen which eats taro corms, the terriid seems to eat nothing. The idiom may apply to anyone who works hard without recognition, or to a man frequently in the company of women but with no success as a lover.
> Like the bathing of the terriid.
The terriid, a bird, takes a quick splash bath, hardly a complete bathing. The idiom applies to a ducking one may get when a boat swamps, or to a wetting with spray. More generally, it is applied to a task done with haste rather than with care. It can be applied also to a brief acquaintance.

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