teruich, num.10 [ten] (unit of time; human).
teruich a ochur (10), teruich el buil; teruich el klebesei, teruich el ekebil.
teruich el chadexpr.ten people.
teruich el klokexpr.ten o'clock.
teruich me a tangexpr.eleven (units of time).
teruich me a terungexpr.twelve (people).
> I lived in Guam until I was ten years old.
> I'll fix or do it in ten days at most.
More Examples:
> He's 18 years old.
> I'm sixteen years old.
> When it starts boiling, let it boil for about 15 more minutes.
, num.two (of animal objects).
terung a ochur (2) el mo er a rechad; teru el buik; ekebil a terung; teru el mechas; teru el chad.
el terungexpr.both; each.
teru el chadexpr.two people.
> Who are those two people (i.e. what are their names)?
> Both Toki and Droteo are sick.
More Examples:
> I have two older brothers. (Can only be said by a male).

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