, pro.this object near speaker and near listener .
tiang a olsechall er a melekoi er a klalo el kmeed er ngii; tia el babier, tia el udoud, tia el kall.
tialcont.tia el
er tiangexpr.here; in this place.
tia el hongexpr.this book.
> This is very tasty.
> Try these pants if they fit.
> I can watch/babysit the child because he behaved well last time.
> How do you spell/right this word?
> You're not allowed to make noise here.
> It's as if I've submerged my head into Mekaeb (the channel between Peleliu and Agaur).
A term to describe a dish that is really salty.
More Examples:
> What was it that I wanted to ask?
> These people are stupid
> Ah! Where this life going.
> The rain retainer around the house needs changing.
> As the sky turns red I am perplexed about my thoughts for you.

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