melouch, v.t.cut leaves, weed etc.; distribute titles.
melouch a melai, ngmai; touchii a dui, tmouch a ramek, tuchel a kebui a melouch; melai a ramek; tmouch a ramek; touchii a kebui, tuchel a kebui.
telouchv.r.s.(leaves, weeds etc.) cut for compost.
telouch a mla metouch; tmouch a ramek; melouch a dui, touchii, tuchel.
v.a.s.(compost) is to be made.
touechel a kirel el metouch; kirel el mengai; melouch a dui, tmouch a touechel; tuchel a dui.
melouch a duiexpr.distribute titles.
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> I'm going to cut leaves for my compost.
More Examples:
> My dad taught me how to make thatch roofs.
, n.a.s.Nipa palm; (plant used for making roof).
A toechel a dellomel; ng diak el sal el mo meklou el dellomel. A llel a ua a teletelel a llel a lius e ng di telkib el tubechebachel. A redechel a kmeed el ua a teletelel a redechel a tuu e ng di lmuut el kmal kaiuesedem. Ng medecherecher e ko er a mechedelekelek a bedengel. Ng sebechir a rengalek el ometech a redechel el ua a miich e mengang.
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More Examples:
> My dad taught me how to make thatch roofs.

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