melamet, v.t.straighten (something crooked); stretch (body); stand up straight.
melamet a tometii; meruul el mo melemalt e ungil; tuamet, beruadel a dachelbai el melamet a omengebirukel, temetel. a melamet er ngii; temetel. a melamet; omeklemalt; ekebil a mla tuamet a chiul; tometii a rengul; temetel a reng.
v.r.s.straightened out.
telamet a mla metamet; telematel, tometii a rengul; tuamet a chebirukel; temetel a reng.
telematel a telamet. to be straightened up.
tematel a smechekill; kirel el metamet; tometii a rengul; tuamet a chebirukel; temetel a cheldecheduch.
melamet er a things as one pleases.
telematel a rengulexpr.pleased; happy.
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> Don't stand up straight (because it is impolite)!

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