melenget, v.t.offer or make sacrifice to; pay taxes or dues money; hinder; obstruct; block; hold back; encircle.
melenget a ngmai a soal el msa chedul; tonget a udoud el mo er a chelid; tengetengel; melenget a chosmerii; tongetengii; tonget a rael, telenget, tengetengel. a melenget er ngii.
ketengetv.recip.make sacrifices or offerings together; block or hinder each other.
ketenget a di du el melenget; merers; tonget a mekesokes; smers, tongetengii a rael, tengetengel.
v.r.s.made sacrifice to; hindered; obstructed.
telenget a chelsimer; mla metenget; tongetengii a rael; tonget a metetoech; melenget, tengetengel.
telengetongel a telenget. to be made sacrifice to; is to be hindered or obstructed.
tengetongel a kirel el metenget; melai a tenget; tongetengii a kall; tonget a udoud; chelid a tengetongel; tengetongel a sersall; kirel el metenget; tongetengii a butiliang; tongetengii a ruoll el rael; tengetengel.
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