, n.
tuu a kmod; dellomel el kall a rdechel.
tualn.poss.3stual a dellemelel el tuu.
> Damn it!
> I was eating those bananas and that apple.
> The boy was stuck precariously in the banana tree; the spear is stuck precariously in the coral rocks.
> I was eating that apple and those bananas.
> I am going to eat up that apple and those bananas.
> He cut down his own banana.
A man supplies fertilizer (money) for a banana tree that, eventually, provides fruit (gifts of food). The cycle, in this saying, is compared with that of the food-money cycle of a marriage in which the wife's clan provides food and service, while the husband's clan provides occasional payments of money. If a banana tree is cut down before it bears fruit, the cycle is interrupted. Hence, a man who marries incestuously within his own clan and thereby inhibits the foodmoney cycle.
> You're like the Ngcheangel banana (meduch a ngerel).
You're all talk and no action).
More Examples:
> Put bananas in the pancake mix.
> I'm going to cut down banana leaves for compost.
> Take some ripe bananans.
> Put the other uncooked bananas in the frying pan.
> Turn the bananas with tongs.

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