melamk, v.t.shave; scrape; remove bristles.
melamk a tomkii; melai a busech; melamk a chesemel, tuamk a engedel a medal, temkel. a melamk er ngii; tuamk a chesemel; tomkii a babii; temkel. a melamk; melai a busech; tomkii, tuamek a chesemel; temkel.
temkeln.poss.3s.temkel a omelamk er ngii; melamk.
ketamkv.recip.shave each other.
ketamk a didu el melamk; tuamk a chesemel, tomkii a bdelul, temkel a chusem.
metamkv.erg.metamk a remiid a mera el ngii; bail a telamk; mo diak a cheiul, tomkii, tuamk, metamk a bdelul; temkel.
metetemtamkv.erg.redup.easy to shave; (bristles) easy to remove.
metetemtamk a beot el metamk.
v.r.s.(beard; bristles; etc.) shaved; (broom) made out of stripped coconut ribs.
telamk a mla metamk; telemikel; tuamk a chesemel; tomkii a bdelul; temkel.
telemikel a telamk.
telemtamkv.r.s.redup.shaved in places; (animal's fur) fallen out in places.
telemtamk a telamk, mla remiid a mera el bedengel; mla metemtamk; mla ngmill a chiul, telamk a chesbereberel. to be shaved or scraped.
temikel a kirel el mengai; kirel el metamk; tomkii; tuamk a chesemel.
melamk a oriikexpr.make broom out of chur (=subsidiary ribs of coconut frond) by stripping of leaves.
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