omangl, v.t.interrupt; begin to hit; kick; thrust at someone but then stop (arm; spear; etc.) halfway (in order to deceive).
omangl a bangl; merael e keterkokl, menglii, omangl er a lidel er a burech, benglel. a omangl er ngii; torebengii el telkib; mangl a omerael ele ng eolt. a omangl; torob, tereter er a Belau a mla mangl a omilil er a rengebard, benglel. to be interrupted.
blanglv.r.s.interrupted; half.
blangl a mla obangl; diak le cherrungel; blangl el tuangel, blangl el cheldecheduch, benglel.
kebanglv.recip.interrupt each other; make as if to hit each other but then stop arm halfway.
kebangl a didu el omangl; menglii, te didu el kesam a uetech e diak lometech, benglel.
obanglv.erg.get interrupted; (trigger of gun; etc.) get stuck.
obangl a meterob; diak lebo er ngii; diak lolemolem, dub a mla obangl, menglii a urreor.
ulebangelv.r.s.interrupted; half; (something which) did not survive.
blangl el tuangelexpr.window.
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> The duck bent down and pushed the unhatched egg towards Templeton.
> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.
tuangel, n.entrance; door.
tuangel a siseball er a blai; tungelel.
tungeleln.poss.3stungelel a tuangel er ngii; sisebellel.
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> I'm running to the door.
> Wilbur's pen had a gate, so Wilbur could go outside.
> Sides of the doorway.
A husband and wife sitting on opposite sides of the doorway to their home, hence "spouse"; sometimes, sweetheart
More Examples:
> I'm running to the door.
> It has five doors.

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