cheldingel, n.finger; appendage (of hand, foot, etc.).
cheldingel a cheldngelel a chim me a ouach; cheldingel a eim er a bitang; cheldngelel a tuu.
chelebed, n.hitting object; whip, club, bat.
chelebed a klalo el usbechall er a omengelebed, cholebedii a chetelaol, cholebed, chelebedel.
chisil, n.banana blossom.
chisil a bngal a tuu; chisil a tuu.
chisil a tuuexpr.banana blossom.
More Examples:
> There might be a few drops of oil in the bottle.
dellomel, n.r.s.plant (already growing).
dellomel a delalem; mla medalem, chetemek a dellomel a lius er ngii. A rebebil er a rechad a ousbech el melalem a tuu me a lechub a meduu me a lechub a lius el oliochel er a chutem.
kall a rokui el dongang; ongraol me a odoim me a kliou; kukau, ngikel, tuu a kall, kelel.
kliou, n.sweet food or dessert (usually, prepared especially for guests); one's favorite child (usually, youngest).
kliou a olengel; kliou a umesingd el merekos el kall; delul; seboseb me a tuu a kliou.
, n.
tuu a kmod; dellomel el kall a rdechel.
, oyster shell money (high in value and used among women only).
tuu a chesiuch el cheled.
uid, n.glue; resin; fuel for lamp.
uid a olbidel el kmard a le milkolk; mekerdii a uuid; mekard a olbidel.

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