,; as.
ua a ko er a; ua medal a demal; chad er a Belau e ua bedengel a chad er a ngebard. se
ua se
/uai sei that.
Synonyms: ,
> What's the measurement of your trousers?
> Droteo fixes cars as well as you.
> When your heart wants to come close to my heart, it's like a person who wants to travel to the rocks in the reef.
> How high is the tree?
> What does the food taste like?/How is the food?
> Like taro, though the leaves are tall, still immature.
Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is mature only when the leaves produced by the plant are small. When the plant produces its largest leaves the tuber in the ground is still quite small. The saying may be applied to a person who, while yet young and inexperienced, is proud and boastful.
> Nibbling like a rat.
Activity that slowly destroys another person or institution. Generally applied to verbal actions; spreading malicious gossip; a speech loaded with subtle insults. However, it can be applied to wider behavior such as economic behavior that destroys the resources of the country: killing fish by dynamite; cutting forests without planting
> Like making a whirlpool in Modelab's water tub.
Probably having reference to a folk tale, this saying is applied to any state of general social confusion. Some worldly Palauans used it with reference to the state of world affair
> It's as if we were walking on the blade of a knife.
i.e., we're treading on dangerous ground; if we make one wrong move, we're finished.
> A good leader, like rain, stills the ocean.
Rain falling during an ocean squall often seems to wipe away the winds and still the ocean. A good leader should be able to dispel the problems facing his people. He can calm down disputes and settle problems easily.
More Examples:
> How are you?
> How do you spell or write this word?
> What's the shape and texture of mangoes?
> What is the color of your car? is it blue? or is it red?
> How's your meat?

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