ues, n.vision; sight; view.
ues a odingel; kedung e kerekikl a meses el omes a rechad; ues el kemeldiil a kall el mo omes er a remengeung.
osengeln.poss.3sosengel a ues er ngii; omes.
sekoesv.s.perceptive; sharp-minded; acute; sensitive; aware of one's responsibilities or surroundings; capable of looking at something thoroughly or seeing all the angles and possibilities.
kemanget a osengelexpr.staring at; looking at for a long time.
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> My view is blurred.
> A long inspection
No one tells another that his Palauan money (udoud) is fake. However, fake ceramic money is not unheard of in Palau. The implication that money is fake must be disguised, if stated at all. When the clan taps its financial resources, as when payment is made for the new house of a clan member, factions of the clan present their contribution to the clan chief on a turtle-shell tray. If the money is not regarded as sufficient, the intermediary carrying the tray is so advised and the money is returned, usually with some light quip to ease the tension that such occasions arouse. If, however, the money is presumed by the intended receiver to be fake, the intermediary is asked to return the money to its owner and bring another piece that "does not require such a lengthy inspection."The idiom, then, may apply directly to a fake piece of money or to any suspected fraud

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