omangl, v.t.interrupt; begin to hit; kick; thrust at someone but then stop (arm; spear; etc.) halfway (in order to deceive).
omangl a bangl; merael e keterkokl, menglii, omangl er a lidel er a burech, benglel. a omangl er ngii; torebengii el telkib; mangl a omerael ele ng eolt. a omangl; torob, tereter er a Belau a mla mangl a omilil er a rengebard, benglel. to be interrupted.
blanglv.r.s.interrupted; half.
blangl a mla obangl; diak le cherrungel; blangl el tuangel, blangl el cheldecheduch, benglel.
kebanglv.recip.interrupt each other; make as if to hit each other but then stop arm halfway.
kebangl a didu el omangl; menglii, te didu el kesam a uetech e diak lometech, benglel.
obanglv.erg.get interrupted; (trigger of gun; etc.) get stuck.
obangl a meterob; diak lebo er ngii; diak lolemolem, dub a mla obangl, menglii a urreor.
ulebangelv.r.s.interrupted; half; (something which) did not survive.
blangl el tuangelexpr.window.
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> The duck bent down and pushed the unhatched egg towards Templeton.
> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.
Ucherkemul, n.title of legendary chiefs of Ngeaur.
Ucherkemul el bebaelexpr.legendary chief of Ngeaur.
Ucherkemul el ulebangelexpr.legendary chief of Ngeaur.

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