omuu, v.t.break, smash, shatter or burst (round object); explode (bomb); (waves) crash.
omuu a meliud; omeu, mungii a lius, bungel. a omuu er ngii; mungii a dub; bungel, bngel a dub. a omuu; omeu a lius; bengel
bluuv.r.s.(round object) broken, smashed or shuttered; (bomb) exploded; blistered.
bungallv.a.s.(round object) is to be broken, smashed or shattered; (bomb) is to be exploded.
kebuuv.recip.hit or smash each other; assault each other verbally.
kebuu a di du el obubuu; kaungeroel, kaiuediu, kebuu el kaiueribech a chutem me a dui.
obuuv.erg.explode; break open; get blistered; (hidden information, etc.) get exposed or surface.
obuu a morengii a ngerel; mla obuu a boes; mungii a dub, muu a bosir; bungel a bosel.
mungii a llomes expr.break of dawn.
omuu a lius expr.split coconut down the middle.
omuu er a cheril expr.burst out laughing.
omuu er a dil expr.perform buldil ceremony.
omuu er a ngerelexpr.shoot of one's mouth; speak irresponsibly.
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> The news came out/became known.
> My hand got blistered from cutting grass.
> The balloon exploded.
More Examples:
> The doctor says that I need to heat up my boil so that it can burst and get better.
> I was sleeping on the bench and listening to the waves breaking on the shore.
> I have a nose bleed!

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