omekeroul, v.t.raise (child; animal); raise/cultivate (plant). a omekeroul er ngii. a omekeroul; mekeroul a betok el babii, mekerulii, okerulel; omekdubech.
kaukeroulv.recip.raise or look after each other.
kaukeroul a mlokeroul er a chimo el blai; dilak er a lengalek el mei, mekerulii, mekeroul, okerulel.
/okereull to be raised or cultivated.
okereull a kirel el mokeroul; mekerulii a tolechoi, mekeroul a dellomel, okerulel.
ulekeroulv.r.s.raised; cultivated.
ulekeroul a mla mukeroul; ungil a ulekerulel; ungil el ulekeroul a omekdubech er a ungil buai.
ulekeruleln.r.s.poss.3sulekerulel a ulekeroul el ngii a milekerulii.
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