omekord, v.t.complete final stage of; perfect; improve or change appearance of; make nice; decorate; embellish; change (one's) behavior or attitude.
omekord a mekord e remuul el klebokel e ungil, blekord a cheldechedechal, omekord er a dilukai.
ombebekordv.t.redup.ombebekord a mekokil el omekord a cheldechedechal; blekord.
ulekordv.r.s.completed; perfected.
ulekord a blekord; ungil a rrellel; itabori a ulekord.
omekord er a one's hair; make one's hair look nice.
omekord er a medalexpr.present a flirtatious, affected expression.
omekord er cheldechedechalexpr.embellish one's speech; talk in a fancy style.
> The picture was painted to decorate the room.

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