olsiseb, v.t.put/push/force into; put (thread) into needle.
olsiseb a osiseb; otuu, smuk, osiseb a udoud; osisebii; osisebel.
osisebiiv.pf.3sosisebii a olsiseb er ngii.
osisebv.pf.3p.inan.osiseb a olsiseb; oltuu, mekull a osisebel a mekngit el kar.
mosisebv.erg.mosiseb a ulsiseb; me tmuu er a chelsel; lmuut el mo mosiseb a rebetok el Ngebard er a Belau, osisebel.
osiseballv.a.s.is to be put, pushed or forced in.
osiseball a kirel el mosiseb; oltuu, mekull el diak el osiseball a ice er a Belau.
ulsisebv.r.s.put, pushed or forced in.
ulsiseb a mla mosiseb; ultuu; ulsiseb er a urreor; mla osisebii; osiseb; osisebel.
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