lak, mod.if one doesn't; (if) there weren't; don't.
lak a diak, a lak kau e a kmekerang; lak beskak a udoud e ng diak kurael.
> Don't worry; there's really no way you're going to die.
> He's just a child, so don't listen to what he says.
> Let's not play anymore.
> Who would be left to cheer me up? Only the very persons I had made sad.
> Don't get me involved in that matter.
> Don't be like the man from Ngerchemai who lost both the turtle and the canoe.
Don't bite off more than you can chew...don't be selfish.
> Like the Bilimbi tree which, if not shaken, will not bear fruit.
Applied to a person who does not fulfill their obligations without constant prodding or nagging.
> Don't stick your fork in!'l
Stay out of my affairs.
> It's like the food of Beachedarsai: though small in quantity it never runs out
i.e., something beneficial (food, money, etc.) keeps coming in steady supply (from an unknown source).
More Examples:
> Don't come inside
> don't get, take, or bring
> don't go
> Don't look
> Don't just take a drink from the bottle and pour your drink in a cup.

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