Common Palauan Phrases and Beginner Conversational Palauan With Audio

Audio    PalauanEnglish
Ungil Tutau.Good Morning.
Ungil chodochosong.Greetings at midmorning (toward noon)
Ungil suelebGood Afternoon.
Ungil kebsengei.Good Evening.
Ke ua ngarang?How are you?
Ak mesisiich.I'm fine.
E kau a ua ngarang?And How are you?
Ak dirrek el mesisiich.I'm fine, too.
Mechikung me a uriul.Bye? See you later.
Ng techa ngklek?What is my name?
Ng techa ngklem?What is your name?
Ng techa ngklel?What is his or her name?
Ng techa ngkliu?What are your names?
Bo mdechorStand up
Bo mdengchoklsit down
Bo mokokau el melekoi.Please speak slowly
Ak medengeiI understand.
Ng dial kudengei.I don't understand
Ke kmal mesaulThank you. Formal.
Ke mesulangThanks. Informal.
SulangThanks. Very informal.
Mluut el molekoirepeat and say that again
Lak mluut el molekoidon't repeat
Lak mongerodechdon't make noise
Lak bo mdechordon't stand up
Lak bo mdengchokldon't sit down
Lak moraeldon't go
Lak chomeidon't come
Alii, ng ungil tutau.Hello, good morning.
Ungil tutau.Good morning.
Ke ua ngarang?How are you?
Ak mesisiich. E kau a ua ngarang?I'm fine. How are you?
Ak dirrek el mesisiich.I'm fine too.
Ng techa ngklel a sechelim?What's your friend's name?
Ke mo er ker?Where are you going?
Ak mo er a blai.I'm going to the house.
Ke mla er ker?where did you come from?
Ak mla er a skuul.I came from school.
Ke mla er a blai er a elii?Were you at the house yesterday?
Ke mo er ker er a klukuk?Where are you going tomorrow?
Ak mo er a skuul er a klukukI'm going to school tomorrow
Ke mo er a klukuk?Are you going tomorrow?
Ochoi, ak mo er a skuul er a klukukYes, I'm going to school tomorrow
Ng diak, ng diak bo er a skuul er a klukuk.No, I'm going to school tomorrow
Ak mla er a blaiI was at the house
Ke mlo er ker er a elii?Where did you go yesterday?
Ke mo er a skuul er a klukuk?Are you going to school tomorrow?
Beskakgive me
Lak momeskakdon't give me
Mnguutake, get, bring
Lak molaidon't get, take, or bring
Ng techa ngklel a demam?What's your father's name?
Ng techa ngklel a delam?What's your mother's name?
Ng techa a ngklel a ochedam?What's your opposite sex sibling's name?
Ng techa ngklel a obekum?What is your older brother's name?
Ng techa a ngklel a ochellem?What's your younger brother's name? (male to
Ng techa ngklel a chudelem?What is your older sister's name?
Ng techa ngklel a merrengem?What's your younger sister's name? (female to
Ng techa ngklel a delam el mechas?What's your grandmother's name?
Ng techa ngklel a okdemelem?What is your uncle's name?
A rechad er a blik a teai.There are 8 people in my family.
A ruchedak a tedei.I have three opposite sex siblings.
A rubekuk a terungI have two older brothers. (Can only be said by a male).
A ochellek a di tangI have one younger brother. (Can only be said by a maile).
E kau, te tela a rechad er a blim?And you, how many people are in your family?
E tela a ruchedam?And how many opposite sex siblings do you have?
Tiang ngarang?What's this?
Tilechang ngarang?What's that?
Se ngarang?What's that?
Aikang ngarang?What are these?
Ailechang ngarang?What are those?
Aike ngarang?What are those?
Ng tela rekim?How old are you?
Ng teruich me a elolem a rekikI'm sixteen years old
Ng tela rekil a demam?How old is your father?
Ng tela rekil a delam?How old is your mother?
Ng tela rekil a ochedam?How old is your opposite sex sibling?
Ng tela rekil a obekum?How old is your older brother? (only said by a male)
Ng tela rekil a ochellem?How old is your younger brother? (only said by a male)
Ng tela rekil a udelem?How old is your older sister? (only said by a female)
Ng tela rekil a merrengem?How old is your younger sister? (only said by a female)
Ke chad er a keskelel a beluu er a Belau?Which Island of Palau are you from?
Ak chad er a Beliliou.I'm from Peliliu
ke chad er a keskelel a beluu er a MerikelWhere in the U.S are you from?
Ke mlechell er ker el beluu?Where were you born?
Ak mlechell er a GuamI was born In Guam
Ng tela a dengua er kau?What's your phone number?
Ngika a sechelik el Huan.This is my friend Huan
Ng teruich me a eai a rekilHe's 18 years old.
Ng chad er a BelauHe's from Palau
Ng mlechell er a KororHe was born in Koror
Bom mtobedGo outside
Lak bo mtobedDon't go outside
Be mtobedcome outside
Lak be mtobedDon't come outside
Bo mtuuGo inside
Lak bo mtuuDon't go inside
Be mtuuCome inside
Lak be mtuuDon't come inside
Lak momesDon't look
MtetkiiPoint to
Lak molutkDon't point
Ng mekera a chomolekoi er tia el tekoiHow do you say this word?
Ng ua ngara omelechesel tia el tekoi?How do you spell or write this word?
Ka mluut el melekoi er a osisiu el tekoi?Can you repeat what you just said.
Ochoi, ng di ungil.Yes, it's correct.
Ng diak, ng diak lungil.No, it's not correct.
Elechang e ng ongetela el ureor?What day is today?
Elechang e ng Kot el ureorToday is Monday
Klukuk e ng ongetela el ureor?What day is tomorrow?
Klukuk e ng ongeru el ureorTomorrow is Tuesday
A ngiaos e ng ongetela el ureor?What day is the day after tomorrow?
A ngiaos e ng Ongedei el ureor.The day after tomorrow is Wednesday.
A elii e ng mle ongetela el ureor?What day was yesterday?
A elii e ng mle SandeiYesterday was Sunday.
A ideliseb e ng mle ongetela el ureor?What was the day before yesterday?
A ideliseb e ng mele SabadongThe day before yesterday was Saturday
Alii, ke mla er ker el mei?Hello, where did you come from?
Ak mla er a MerikelI came from the States
Ke mlei er a oingerang?When did you arrive here?
Ak mlei er a Ongedei el ureorI came on Wednesday
Ke mo er ker er a klukuk?Where are you going tomorrow?
Ak mo er a BelauI'm going to Palau
Ke mo er a Belau el tela el sandei?How long will you be in Palau?
Ng di ta el sandei el kngar er a Belau.I'll be in Palau for only one week
Ke mlechell er a ongetela el buil.What month were you born?
Ak mlechell er a Ongeiem el buil.I was born in May.
A sechelim ng mlechell er ker el beluu?Where was your friend born?
E kau a mlechell er ker el beluu?And you, where were you born?
A sechelim ng mlechell er a ongetela el buil?What month was your friend born in?
Okedei el kebesengil a builthirtieth day of the month
Okedei me a ta el kebesengil a builthirty first day of the month
A elolem el klok e ak mekiisat 6:00 a.m. I wake up.
A elolem el klok me a tedobech e ak mo melechong e burasat 6:30 a.m. I take a shower
A euid el klok e ak oubail e songdii a bdeluk.At 7:00 a.m. I dress and comb my hair.
A euid el klok me a tedobech e ak omengurAt 7:30 a.m. I eat breakfast.
A eai el klok e ak merael el mo er a skuulat 8:00 a.m. I leave for school.
Ke mo meketeket er a Belau?Will you stay long in Palau?
Mada mechikung me a uriul.Well, bye'see you later.
Ak mesongd a cheiukI'm combing my hair.
Ak omengur.I'm eating
Ak buras a ungelekI'm brushing my teeth.
Ak merael el mo er a mado.I'm walking to the window
Ak remurt el mo er a tuangel.I'm running to the door.
Ak melim a ralmI'm drinking water
Ak mo melecholb er a kebesengeiI will shower tonight
Ak mesongd a cheiuk el oba a osongdI'm combing my hair with a comb.
Ak mle buras a ungelek er a eliiI brushed my teeth yesterday
Ke ousbech a ngeso?Do you need help?
Ng diak, ng diak kuusbech a ngeso.No, I don't need help.
Ng sebechem el ngosukak?Can you help me?
Ng diak, ng diak lsebechek el ngosukau.No, I can't help you.
Ng sebechem el meskak a oluches?Can you give me a pencil?
Ng sebechek el longir a babilngem?Can I borrow your book
Ng, ng diak lsebechem el longer a babilengek.No, you can't borrow by book.
Mretechii a bdelumtouch your head
Mtetkii a medalpoint to his or her eyes, or face.
Ng ua techa ngikal el chad?What is this person like?
Ng metongakl el chad.He or she is a tall person.
Ng becheleleu a bedengel.He or she is white.
Ke ua techang el chad?What are you like?
Ak chetitau a bedengek e melemalt a chiuk e meklou a medak.I'm brown skinned with straight hair and big eyes.
Ng ngarang oubail a Mary?What is Mary wearing?
A Mary a oubail a skato me a chelechedal a bail.?Mary is wearing a skirt and short-sleeved shirt.
Ng ngara oureacher a Mary?What kind of footwear is Mary wearing?
Mary a oureacher a saks me a sportsiuus.Mary is wearing socks and sport shoes.
Ng diak loubail.He or she is not dressed.
Ng techa a outelau?Who's wearing earrings?
A Mary me a Lily me a Betty a outelau.Mary, Lily, and Betty are wearing earrings.
Ng techa a oucholbeiungel?Who's wearing a necklace?
Ng techa a oukebkab?Who's wearing a ring?
Te tela el redil a oukebkab?How many females are wearing rings.
Ng ngua ngara a bedengel a bilel a Tina?What color is Tina's dress?
A bilel a Tina a bekerekard a bedengel.Tina's dress is red.?
A bilel er a Mark a becheleleu a bedengel.Mark's socks are white.
Ng uoi soak a bilem. Ke milecherar a bilem er ker?I really like your dress. Where did you buy it?
Ochoi, ng ngar er ngii a mellemau me a becheleleu me a bekerkardYes, they have blue, white, and red.
Ngika el chad a ungil a klemengetal.This person's height is average.
Ngika el chad a kemangel a isngelThis person has a long nose
Ng mekekedeb a mekerisebsub a cheiulHe or she has short and curly hair.
Ng outelau a bekerekard el telau.He or she is wearing red earrings
Ng ouchelechedal a bail er a bibrurekHe or she is wearing a yellow shirt.
Ungil tutau, ke smecher?Good morning. Are you sick?
Ng diak. Ng smecher a ngelekek.No. My child is sick
Ng klsakl?What's wrong with him or her?
Ng smecher er a tereter.He or she has a cold, fever, flu, etc.
E kau, ng dirrek el smecher a ngelekem?And you, is your child sick, too.
Ochoi, ng omachediil.Yes, he or she has diarrhea.
Ng omudech el dirrek?Does he or she vomit, too?
Ng diak. Ng bai ko er a di chetelaol.No. He or she only feels dizzy.
Mdengchokl, e kibo mesa a toktang.Sit and wait your turn while we go see the
Ng meringel a keskelem?Which part of your body hurs?
Ng meringel a bdeluk.My head hurts, or I have a headache.
Ng meringel a ochikMy foot(feet) hurts or I have sore feet
Ng meringel a omerkolemDo you have sore throat (does it your throat
Ochoi, ng meringel a omerkolek.Yes, my throat is sore.
Ng diak. Ng diak lmeringel a omerkolek.No, My throat isn't sore (doesn't hurt).
Ng meringel a delel?Does he or she have a stomachache?
Ochoi, ng meringel a delelYes, he or she has a stomachache
Ng diak, ng diak lemeringel a delel.No, he or she doesn't have a
Ke klsakl el smecher?What 's wrong with you?
Ng meringel a bdeluk e chetelaol.My head is aching and I feel dizzy.
Nge meringel a bedengem el dirrek?Does your whole body hurt also?
Ng kmal kirem el mo mesa a toktang.You really should see a doctor.
Me kurael, e ak mo el mo meoud.I have to go or I'll be late.
Ak mesaik.I'm lazy.
Ak mekerasem.I'm cold.
Ak kesib.I'm hot.
Ng diak klsakl, ak de mesaikThere's nothing wrong with me. I'm just lazy.
Ng techa a smecher?Who is sick?
Ng techa a meringel a bdelul?Who has a headache?
Ng techa a diak lsecher?Who is not feeling sick?
Ng techa kesib?Who is hot?
Ng techa a mesaik?Who is lazy?
Ng rirebet er a kerrekar el mecham a ochil.He or she fell out of the tree and broke his or her leg.
Ng  milsibas el metabd a chimal.He or she slipped and scratched his or her arm.
Ng uluusekook el loba a oles e dobechii a chimalHe or she played with a knife and accidentally cut his or her arm.
Ng rirebet er a laidang le lobeu a bdelul.he or she fell off a ladder and cracked his or her head.
Ng uluusekool a mases e medul.He or she played with matches and burned himself or herself.
Ng smecher el terahom.He or she has pink eye.
Ng milekesakl e mecham?How did you sprain it?
Ke songerenger?Are you hungry?
Ak kmal songerengerI'm very hungry
Ng diak ksal songerengerI'm not too hungry
Ng diak songerenger.I'm not hungry
Ak medingesI'm full
Ng meched a regnum?Are you thirsty?
Ng meched a renguk.I'm thirsty
Ng diak lemeched a renguk.I'm not thirsty
Ke mesulaul?Are you sleepy?
Ochoi, ak mesulaul.Yes, I'm sleepy
Ng diak, mesulaul.I'm not sleepy
Ke mesaul?Are you tired?
Ochoi, ak kmal mesaul.Yes, I'm very tired
Ng diak mesaulI'm not tired
Ak mesisiich.I'm fine
Ke merur?Are you shy?
Ochoi, ak kmal merur.Yes, I'm very shy.
Ng diak merur.I'm not shy
Ke mekerasemAre you cold?
Ochoi, ak mekerasem.Yes, I'm cold
Ng diak mekerasem.I'm not cold.
A blik a smengtMy house in concrete.
Ng mellemau a bedengelIts color blue
Ng kleim a tuangel er ngii.It has five doors.
Ngar er ngii a kleai el madoThere are eight windows.
Ngar er ngii a kleuang el delmerab er ngii.It has four rooms.
Ng di chimong a olechelubel er ngii.It has only one bathroom.
A uum er ngii a klouIt's kitchen is large
Ng ngar er ngii a chimong el chaisbaks.It has one refrigerator.
Ng ngar er ngii a kllolem el tebel me a kleai el kingall.There are 6 tables and 8 chairs.
Ng di chimong a stob er ngiiIt has one stove or oven.
Ak mekerang?What am I doing?
Ke melatech a chimam el oba sobYou're washing your hands with soap
Ak mesuld a chimak el oba a ngarang?What am I wiping my hands with?
Ke mesuld a chimam el oba a taor.You're wiping your hands with a towel.
Ke mechiuaiu er a chiull.You're sleeping on a pillow.
Ke mechiuaiu e oubar.You're sleeping under a blanket.
Mrikii a ulaolSweep the floor!
Mrikii a mekesokesSweep the yard!
Mngemedii a ulaol.Mop the floor!
Mosilek a selokel.Wash the clothes!
Mtatam a selokelFold the clothes.
Mtilib a chimam.Wash your hands.
Mtilib a blatong.Wash the dishes
Mruul a kall.Cook or prepare the food.
Mketmeklii a blaiClean the house.
Mngemlii a iikr.Mow the lawn.
Omes er a rengalekWatch the children.
Ngarang a urerem er a blim?What chores do you do at home?
Ak meriik, e melemed, e meruul a kall, e mengetmokl er a blai.I sweep and mop and make food and clean the house.
Ak di meruul a kall e merekong.I only cook the food.
Kede ousbech a oles el melengos a kallWe use a knife to slice food.
Kede ousbech a ongisb er a uasech el mengisb a uasech.We use ladles for ladling soup.
Kede ousbech a ordall el mekerang?What do we use pot holders for?
Kede ousbech a ordall el merodel a klengoes.We use pot holders for lifting hot pot and pans.
Kede ousbech a ongerdechidel el mengerdoched a kall.We use frying pans to fry food.
Kede ousbech a ochadu el omchadu a kall.We use tongs to pick food.
Kede ousbech a manaita el melekosek a kall.We use cutting boards for cutting or slicing food on.
Kede ousbech a kanadarai el omelecha a ralm me a lechub a kall er ngii.We use basins to put water or food in.
Kede ousbech a omcholo er a ngikel el omcholo a ngikel.We use fish scale to scale fish
Kede ousbech a konro el meruul a kall.We use kerosene stove to cook food.
Kede ousbech a okekall el meruul a kall.We use pots to cook food in.
Kede ousbech a mases el omkard a ngau.We use matches to light fires.
Kede ousbech a oliich el melim a uasech.We use spoons to each soup.
Kede ousbech a ollumel el omelechang a ilumel er ngii.We use pitchers to put drinks in.
Kede ousbech a kor el melim a ilumel.We use cups to drink.
Mildii a meduuPeel the skin off the breadfruit
Mtektuk a meduu el mo ungil a meklungelCut the breadfruit into good size bite.
Mngai a meduu el locha er a chelsel a olekallput the breadfruit in the pot.
Bengii a lius el mo er bitang.Crack the coconut into halves.
Mkes a lius.Grate the coconuts.
Mngai a kleuang el kob el ralm el locha er a kanadarai.Put four cups of water in the basin.
Mnguu a techiir e mlecha a lius er ngiiPut some crated coconut in the piece of cloth.
Mdikmesii a techiir.Wet the cloth.
Mongiuetokl er a techiir lotobed a osechel a lius.Squeeze the wet cloth with grated coconut in it to squeeze out the coconut milk.
Mlecha a sesei er a sar.put some salt in the basin.
Mlecha a sesei er a sukalPut some sugar in the basin
Mnguu a oliich el iisar.use a spoon to mix the ingredients.
Mchubel a disech er a chelsel a olekang.Pour the coconut milk in the pot.
Mnguu a olekang el metir er a konroPut the pot on the kerosene stove.
Mnguu a mases e msiesur.Light a match.
Moderdii a konroUse the lighted match to light the kerosene stove.
Ke meliokl a meduu el okeuang me a eim el bung.Cook the breadfruit for about 45 minutes.
Se el lomrechorech a meduu e ke lmuut el mechirei el locha teruich me a eim el bung.When it starts boiling, let it boil for about 15 more minutes.
Mokodir a konroTurn off the kerosene stove.
Mongarm a meduutaste the breadfruit
Ak mo er a sers.I'm going to the garden or farm.
Ng ngara ke mo melai?What are you going to get?
Ak mo omadel a teblo er a diokang e mengiis a chemutii.I'm going to harvest some tapioca and dig up some sweet potato.
Ak mo er a mesei el mo melai a teblo er a brak.I'm going to the taro garden to get two yellow taro.
Ak mo er a cheiI'm going fishing.
Ak mo mengemangI'm going mangrove crab hunting.
Ak mo melai a cherabrukl.I'm going to catch lobsters.
Ak mo melit a kim.I'm going to hunt for clams
Ak mo emedikl a malkI'm going to trap chickens
Ak mo meruu a rekungI'm going crab hunting
Ak mo mengatatI'm going to hunt for coconut crabs
Ak mo omoes a belochelI'm going to hunt for pigeons.
Ng ua ngara a teletelel a iedel?What's the shape and texture of mangoes?
Ng meaiu.It's smooth.
Ng chaibibeob.It's round.
Ng keribetbechel.It's rough or it has edges.
Ng derebkemanget.It's longish.
Ng derbengais.It's oval shaped.
Ng debrechet.It's flat.
Ng ua ngara a bul a iedel?What does mango smell like?
Ng bechochod a bul.It's fragrant.
Ng mekemim a bul.It's smell sour.
Ng mekngit a bul.It smells bad.
Ng ua ngara a chasi er a iedel?What does mango taste like?
Ng mekemim.It's sour.?
Ng merekos.It's sweet.
Ng mechuached.It's bitter.
Ng mecherocher.It's salty.
Ng beralm.It's not sweet or salty enough.
Ng ungil a chasi er ngii.It tastes good.
Ng mekngit a chasi er ngii.It doesn't taste good.
Ng ngara soam el menga er ngii?What do you want to eat?
Ng soak el menga ngikel me a meduu.I feel like eating fish and breadfruit.
Ng ngara el rodech a soam?Which fruit do you like?
Ng soak el menga a bobai.I would like to eat papaya
E ngara soam el melim?And what do you want to drink?
Ng soak el melim a ralm.I'll have water.
Ng diak a lmuut el soam?Do you want anything else?
Ng diak. Ke mesulang.No, thank you.
Mngai a kleua el kob el pancake mix el locha er a kanadarai.Pour 4 cups of pancake mix in a basin.
Mlecha a ralm er a pancake mix.Pour water on the pancake mix.
Mnguu a oliich el isar.Use a spoon to mix the engredients.
Mngai a bebil er a marek el tuu.Take some ripe bananans.
Mtiud er a belengel el oba oles.Cut in half with knife.
Mngai a budel.peel them
Mlecha tuu er a pancake mix.Put bananas in the pancake mix.
Mlia ongerdechidel er a konro.Put frying pan on the kerosene stove.
Mlecha salad oil er a ongerdechidel.Pour salad oil in it( frying pan).
Mnguu a mases, msiesur.take a match and strike it.
Mongiil er a salad oil el mo mekeald.Wait till the salad oil is hot.
Mlecha sese er a tuu er a ongerdechidel.Put some banana in the frying pan.
Momes el mo marek a bitang.Watch till the other side is brown.
Bult a tuu el oba a ochadu.Turn the bananas with tongs.
Mongiil el mo marek.Wait till they are cooked.
Mnguu a ochadu el ngmai.take them out with tongs.
Mlecha marek el tuu er a blatong.Put the cooked bananas in a plate.
Mlecha bebil er a chemadech el tuu.Put the other uncooked bananas in the frying pan.
Se el lebo lemarek a rokui e mongarm.Taste them when you finish.
Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a tutau?What did Mary have for breakfast
Ng ngarang millim a Mary er a tutau?What did Mary drink for breakfast yesterday?
Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a sueleb?What did Mary have for lunch?
Ng ngarang millim a Mary er a sueleb?What did Mary drink for lunch yesterday?
Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a kesus er a elii?What did Mary drink for dinner ?
Ng ua ngara a eanged?How is the weather?
Ng ungil a eanged.The weather is good.
Ng mekngit a eangedThe weather is bad.
Ng mechucheb a eangedIt's cloudy (with a small chance of rain).
Ng kebodel a eangedIt's cloudy (with the possibility of rain.)
Ng chullIt's raining.
Ng meses a eolt.It's very windy.
Ng meringel a sils.It's sunny.
Ng ngar er ngii a eolt.It's typhoon condition.
Ng ngar ngii a desiu.There's an earthquake.
Ak me mengedub.I'm going swimming.
Ng ko er a kmal mekngit a eanged e kau a mengedub?Why are you going swimming when the weather is very bad?
Ng diak lebo lechull. Ng di kebodel a eanged.It won't rain. It's just cloudy today.
Alii e ke mo el metemall.Take care. Don't hurt yourself.
Choi, ak di omes er a eanged me a lsa el mo mekngit e ak merael.Yes, if the weather gets worse, I'll leave.
Ngar er ker a uchul a eolt?From which direction is the wind coming from?
A eolt el ngar er ker el mei?Where is the wind coming from?
A eolt a ngar er a ongos el mei.The wind is coming from the east.
A eolt a ngar er a ngebard el mei.The wind is coming from the west.
A eolt a ngar er a diluches el mei.The wind is coming from the north
A eolt a ngar er a dimes el mei.The wind is coming from the south.
A eolt a ngar er a diluchesungos el mei.The wind is coming from the northeast.
A eolt a ngar er a diluchesngebard el mei.The wind is coming from the northwest.
A eolt a ngar er a dimesungos el mei.The wind is coming from the southeast.
A eolt a ngar er a dimesngebard el mei.The wind is coming from the southwest.
Ngar er a mo bedul ker a Yigo?Which direction is Yigo located on the map?
A Yigo a ngar er a mo bedul a diluches.Yigo is located on the north side of the island.
Ak merael el bedul a dimes.I'll be going due south.
Mnguu a hong el loia er a bebul a tebel.Put the book on top of the dest
Mnguu a oluches el loia er a bebul a hong.Put the pencil on top of the book.
Bo mdengchokl er a bitang er a mado.Sit on the opposite side of the window
Bo mdengchokl el kmeed er a sechelim.Sit next (or near) to your friend.
Bo mdengchokl el cheroid er a madoSit away from the window
Bo mdengchokl er a delongelel a Mary me a JohnSit between Mary and John
A hong a ngar er a eungel a tebel.The book is under the table.
Ng techang a kot el kmeed er a chesimer?Who is the one closest to the door?
Ng ngarang a ngar er a bebul  a tebelWhat is on the table or desk?
Ng techang a ngar er a bitang er a Mary?Who is next to Mary?
A Tom a kot el cheroid er a chesimer.Tom is the one farthest from the door
Ng subelab el chullIt's raining heavily and continuously.
Ng di ngerengir.It's just starting to rain lightly.
Ng di mesesechull.It's raining lightly and continuously.
Ng di chemechemel a olik.It's raining very lightly.
Alii, ng ua ngara a eanged er tilechang?Hello, how's the weather over there?
Ng kmal mekngit a eanged er tiei.The weather here is very bad.
Ng klou a chull er tilechang?Is it raining hard over there?
Ng mera el subelab el chull.It's raining heavily and continuously.
Ng meketeketang er a lebo el chull?Has it been raining long?
Ochoi, se er a tutau el me er elechang el di lechull.Yes, it's been raining since morning.
E a eanged er tilechang a ua ngarang?And how is the weather over there?
Ng ngar er ngii a chull e ng ko er a di chemechemel a olik.It's raining here but only lightly.
Ng ngara el suobel a chomosuub er a skuul?What subjects are you studying at
Ak mesuub a ochur me a tekoi er a Belau, me a omesubel a melidiul me a chutem.I'm studying math, Palauan, and Science.
Ng ngara a kot el soam el suobel?What's your favorite subject?
Ng kot el soak a omesubel a tekoi er a Belau.My favorite subject is the study of the the Palauan language.
Ng meringel a dosuub a tekoi er a Belau?Is it hard to learn the Palauan Language?
Ng diak lsal meringel.It's not very hard.
Ke ousbech a ngeso?Do you need assistance?
Ng soam a kukerang?What do you want me to do?
Motebedii a buk er kau.Take out your book
Motobed a buk er kau.take out your books
Motebedii a buk er kau er a ochur.take out your math book
Mnguu a buk er kau.Take your book.
Tia ng ngara a belkul?What does this mean?
Ng soam a kimokerang?What do you want us to do?
Ng mo er ngii a test er a oingerang?When is our test?
Ng mo er ngii a test er a Ongeim el lureor.We're going to have a test on Friday.
Mtetkii a chad el kot el kmeed er kauPoint to the person nearest to you.
Mngai a book er kemiu el meskakGive me your books
Be mngai a buk er kemiu?ome and get your books
Butek a buk er kemiu.close your books.
Motobed a babilengiu.take out your books
Mluches a ngkliu.write your names.
Mngai a komi el locha er a blil a komi.Put the trash in the trash can.
Mnguu a buk el loia er a eungel a tebel.Put the book under the table
Mketmokl a buk er kemiu.Put your books away.
Mchesmii a kambalang.Ring the bell.
Morelii a sembuki.Turn on the fan.
Ng ngara a urerel a kotsio sensei?What is the job of a school principal or president?
A kotsio sensei a merredel er a skuulA principal or president is the head of the school.
Ng ngara a urerel a sensei?What is the job of a teacher?
A sensei a olisechakl er a rengalek er a skuul.A teacher's job is to teach the students.
Ng ngara a urerel a ngalek er a skuul?What is the job of the student?
A ngalek er a skuul a urerel el mesuub a subelel.What he or she is being taught at school
Ng ngara a urerel a melechesel a skuul?What is the job of a school secretary?
A melechelsel a skuul a ngerechelel el mengetmokl a rokui el babier er a skuul.A secretary's job is to keep all the school records in order.
Ng ngara a urerel a chad er a laibreri?What is the job of the libarian?
A chad er a laibreri a oungerachel aike el rokui el buk me a babier el ngar er a laibreri.A librarian's job is to take care of all the books and documents in the library.
Ng ngara a urerel a chad er a komi?What is the job of a janitor or custodian.
A urerel a chad er a komi a melai a komi e mengetmokl er a skuul.The job of a janitor or is to collect trash and keep the school clean.
A urerel a chad er a omeruul el kall a meruul a kelir a rengalek er a skuul.The job of a cook is to make the food.
Lidisir a resensei er tia el skuul.Number of teachers at this school.
Lidisir a rengalek er tia el skuul.Number of students attending this school.
Lidisir a rechad el meruul a kall er tia el skuul.Number of cooks at this school
Ngklir a remeruul a kall er tia el skuul.Names of the cooks at this school.
Ng net er a barebor.It's a volleyball net.
Ng techa oba a bduu er a iakiu?Who has the baseball?
Ng techang a kot el meduch el chad er a iakiu er tia el skuul?Who is the best baseball at this school?
Ng techang a kot le meduch el chad er a bingbong er tia el skuul?Who is the best at pingpong at this school?
Ng techang a kot el mesisiich el chad er a rurt er tia el skuul?Who is the fastest runner at this school?
Ng techang a kot el meduch el loubarebor er tia el skuul?Who is the best volleyball player at this school?
Ng techang a kot el meduch el chad er a omengikai er tia el skuul?Who is the best swimmer at this school?
Ke milekera er a wikend?What did you do over the weekend?
Ak mlo er a pari er a skuul.I went to the school party.
Ng mle meseked?Were there a lot of people at the party?
Ochoi, ng kmal mle meseked.Yes, there were a lot of people at the party.
Ng mla er ngii a ngloik?was ther much dancing?
Ochoi, te mle betok a rechad el meloik.yes, a lot of people were dancing
Ke mlo meloik?Did you dance?
Ochoi, Ng di mle ta el bo kuloik.Yes, but I only danced once.
E kau a milekerang er a wikend?and you, what did you do over the weekend?
Aki mlo omes a iakiu.we went to a baseball game.
Te ngara a mlo kats?Who won?
A tim er a Mangilao a mle kats.The team from Mangilao won the game.
Ng mla er ngii a temem el mesuub el kirel a test er a klukuk?Did you get an opportunity to study for the test tomorrow?
Ng diak . Ng kmal kirek el mesuub er a kebesengei.No, so I really have to study tonight.
Ke mo omechar a ngarang?What are you going to buy?
Ak mo omechar a bilek.I'm going to buy clothes.
Ngara el bail a chobo mosiik?What kind of clothes are you going to buy?
Ak mo omechar a subong me a chelechedal a bail me a oecherek.I'm going to buy pants and a shirt and shoes.
Ak mo omechar a kelam el beras me a kansume.I'm going to the store to buy rice and canned meat.
Me ke mo er ker el stoang?Which store are you going to?
Mekong me a uriul.Well see you later.
Ng ngara soam el kliou?What would you like for dessert?
Ng soak a rodech.I would like fruits for desserts.
Tia a telkib el beralm.This tastes a little bland.
Tia a kmal mecherocher.This is too salty.
Tia a kmal merekos.This is to sweet.
Ng sebechem el meskak a sesei er a ralm?Can you give me some water?
Me ta er a taodPlease give me a fork
Ng kmal ungil a chasi er ngii.This taste delicious
Ng tela a cheral a kelek?What is the cost of our food?
Ng ngara er ngii a lmuut el somiu?Do you want anything else?
Ng diak. Ke mesulang.No, thank you
Ng ua ngara a odimiu?How's your meat?
A odimek a telkib el mecherocher.My meat is a little too salty.
A odimek a kmal el osengudelMy meat is to tough
A odimek a dirk mesesechemadechMy meat is too rare.
A odimek a chelas.My meat is burnt
Ng ua ngara a imeliu?How's your drink?
A imelek a telkib el beralm.My drink needs a little more sugar.
A imelek a kmal merekosMy drink is to sweet
Ng soak a mekelekolt el ralm. Tia el imelek a diak lemekelkolt.I want cold water. My drink is not cold.
Kom mlo er ker er a kesus?Where did you go last night?
Ng ngar er a blil a blengur?Which restaurant did you go to?
Ng ngara ke milengang?What did you eat?
Ak milenga a beras me a techel a kerbou me a iasai.I ate rice and beef with vegetables.
Ng mle ua ngara kall?How was the food ?
Ng kmal mle ungil.It was very good
Ng meringel a cheral a kall er a Denny's?Is the food expensive at Denny's?
Ng diak. Ng di ungil a cheralNo. The price is reasonable
E kemiu a mlo er ker er a kesus?And you, where did you go last night?
Aki mlo er a katsudo.We went to the movies
Ng mle ua ngara siou?How was the movie?
Ng kmal mle smiich.It was very good with a lot of action.
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