One Random Word for each Part of Speech

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The following is a simple list of the Palauan parts of speech with brief descriptions and an example word for each one.

1affixa word stem at the front or end of another word that modifies it-alhis; her; its; their.
2aux.auxiliarymlahas (done something).
3aux.past.auxiliary past tensemlobecame; got.
4babya baby wordchobudrink.
5conj.a conjuctione le ngbecause he/she/it.
6cont.a contractionngar ngiingar er ngii
7expressionan expressionikakidhere they (things) are.
8interj.interjectionalitsYou're in trouble. [Typically said between children.]
9mod.modifierulisextremely; on the extreme end of the spectrum for an emotional or physical condition.
10n.nounanatasweetheart; dear (used by a woman in reference to her husband).
11n.a.s.anticipating state nounchechutelsome food to be chewed such as sugar cane.
12n.a.s.poss.3san anticipating state noun possessed by a single person, animal, or thingchuklelweaving work.
13n.a.s.redup.a reduplicated anticipating state nounkerrekeriiltrial; judgement.
14n.act.action nounosisechaklteaching; instruction; training; way of teaching; doctrine.
15n.instr.instrument nounongechedwooden or metal spike for husking coconuts. nounrechimeliikinhabitants of Imeliik.
17n.poss.1pea noun possessed by the speaker and perhaps others, but not the listenercheremamour (exclusive) laughs.
18n.poss.1pia noun possessed by the speaker and the listener and perhaps otherschedoedour (inclusive) roof.
19n.poss.1sa noun possessed by the speakerbukmy smell; my odor; my scent.
20n.poss.2pa noun possessed by multiple listenerscheremiuyour (plural) prices or costs.
21n.poss.2sa noun possessed by a single listenerbngamyour (singular) flower, green coconut sheath, etc.
22n.poss.3pa noun possessed by multiple peoplerekebelurir(their) settlements of people.
23n.poss.3snoun possesed by a single personkedngelaction of placing.
24n.r.s.resulting state nouncherrocher(degree of) saltiness.
25n.r.s.poss.3sa resulting state noun possessed by a single person, animal, or thinguldechulelstrained or injured part of body.
26n.r.s.redup.a reduplicated resulting state noundelmedimechlarge amount of dots or spots.
27n.redup.noun reduplicatedsosokolhas come to like somewhat.
28n.res.a residual noun; something formed residually after an actionurrediilremaining stalk (after flower or leaves have been removed); stripped branch
29num.numberongeua4 [fourth] (ordinal).
30pro.pronounailethese objects/animals near speaker and far from listener .
31ques.question wordngerrachwhat is it?
32v.a.s.anticipating state verbchiikel(leaves) are to be plucked or stripped off plant.
33v.a.s.redup.a reduplicated anticipating state verbdengdengechel(someone's status) is to be pointed out/questioned.
34v.caus.causative verbolserechaklstep on (floor, ground, etc.) and make sound; walk slowly and stealthily; keep a secret. inchoative causative verboldiongis beginning to shout.
36v.caus.redup.a reduplicated causative verboltitengangedslip or slide something down.
37v.erg.ergative verbmesubedbe told/informed. inchoactive ergative verbmecheseigetting blackened with soot or ink, burned or discolored.
39v.erg.pasta past-tense form on an ergative verbmilecheedgot/became stuck.
40v.erg.recip.redup.a reciprocated, ergative verbkabdebidget caught or twisted on each other.
41v.erg.redup.reduplicated ergative verbmetetemtamkeasy to shave; (bristles) easy to remove.
42v.i.intransitive verboutatoiinterrupt conversation by making pert or fresh remarks.
43v.i.inch.inchoative instransitive verbdumiangappearing; coming into view.
44v.i.pred.predictive instransitive verbmerekungis about to come or arrive.
45v.i.redup.intransitive verb reduplicatedmesengesongebmake crunching/grinding sound.
46v.imp.imperative verbBom chelellakl!Be quiet! / Settle down!.
47v.imp.3piimperative verb suggesting a collective activity with both the speaker and listener(s)dodbechiilet's push it.
48v.inch.inchoative verbomekellangis starting to drive.
49v.pasta past-tense of a verbmlotngeongdiscovered (something, someone) accidentally (typically by walking around). perfective verb operating on multiple peopletokingiterirtalk to people for purpose of discipline or persuasion. perfective verb which happened in the past to multiple objectsmilliikpicked (coconuts). perfective verb acting on a single persondmungsay; tell. In some constructions, the initial d sound may be dropped. perfective verb which happened in the past to a single person, animal, or thingchiltengiipraised (him/her/it). perfective inchoative verbkoliangbeginning to eat up.
55v.pred.a predictive verbsoisebungis about to enter.
56v.r.s.a resulting state verbdelort(taro, etc.) scraped; (cord, etc.) cut through; (relationship) broken off.
57v.r.s.redup.a reduplicated resulting state verbbebleob(generally) round in shape.
58v.r.s.t.a resulting transitive state verbkluokucarrying; cradling.
59v.recip.a reciprocal verbkabuseklentwine each other's legs while sleeping.
60v.recip.redup.a reciprocal, reduplicated, verbkasusuubimitate each other.
61v.redup.a reduplicated verbmelekikngokgo snooping around at.
62v.s.a state verbsmuuch(person) calm, placid, or unperturbed by problems or challenging circumstances.
63v.s.inch.a state inchoative verbsemeremeriangis getting interested in.
64v.s.inch.redupa reduplicated inchoative state vertmediditangis just getting dry. state verb describing multiple people, animals, or objectsmekemangettall; long.
66v.s.pred.a predictive state verbkmedungis about to get near or close.
67v.s.redup.a reduplicated state verbbebulishalf-witted; prone to wandering around and talking to oneself.
68v.s.redup.inch.a reduplicated inchoative state verbbekerkerdangis getting red.
69v.s.t.transitive state verbmedengeiknow (person or thing); understand; memorize.
70v.s.t.inch.inchoative transitive state verbmedektangis becoming frightened.
71v.s.t.redup.a reduplicated transitive state verbmetetiturrather unfamiliar with.
72v.t.a transitive verborrirechtake or snatch (before someone else has a chance). inchoative transitive verbmelekingangis starting to talk.
74v.t.pred.a predictive transitive verbmelekingungis about to talk.
75v.t.redup.a transitive verb reduplicatedmeleludeubend in many places.
76var.a variant spelling and pronounciation of another wordklengeltengeteelklengeltengetel
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