Gurudic App at the Apple App Store

Palauan Dictionary Tablet and Phone App is thrilled to be able to provide its Palauan dictionary as an iOS app for both iOS and Droid devices. Please note that this is just a dictionary and not the full website. The iPhone version costs $0.99 but the droid version is free.

[ANDROID users please click here.]

Step 1

Use this direct link or search for gurudic in the App Store. Install the app which will require a $0.99 purchase*.

* Disclaimer:, nor any of its volunteers, makes any money from this purchase. Gurudic is a third party app, independent from, whose developer, Kyun-Sang Song, has kindly worked with to import our words database into his application.

Step 2

After installing and opening the app, you should see this screen; tap on "Browse Dictionaries" to proceed.

Step 3

If you see this screen, just tap 'OK'

Step 4

Choose one of the two Palauan - English dictionaries. They both contain the same exact words and definitions. The only difference is that the second includes pictures and audio clips for some of the words and is therefore much larger. If you have a lot of space on your phone and a good internet connection, choose the second one. Otherwise, or if you don't care about pictures and audio, choose the first.

Step 5

Now tap 'Start Install'

Step 6

Wait for the 'Download & Install' to finish; the blue bar under where it says 'Please wait' shows progress. When it finishes, tap on Back in the upper left corner.

Step 7

Now tap on dictionaries in the bottom left.

Step 8

Tap on the checkbox to select the palauan dictionary you just installed. Then tap on Search in the bottom row.

Step 9

Happy Searching!

Please provide any comments, bug reports, or other feedback in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

Android instructions

Good news! On July 22, 2015, we were able to install this successfully on two droid apps. Download the free ColorDict Dictionary app instructions to install the database. Use this link for the tekinged dictionary that only includes the words and this one for the one that also includes pictures and audio.
Note that we have only successfully tried this so far with the lite version that doesn't include pictures or audio.
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