30 Most Recently Added Words

beches el ouchais, expr.tell the truth; be frank; be direct.
See also:
, n.sweetheart. [frequently heard in long songs]
derebechesiiln.redup.love song (often involving fate or destiny).
cholim, v.pf.3p.inan.
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iemoch, n.location that is far away; secluded; remote; etc. [Sometimes used to refer to people from Tobi and Sonsorol.]
> It's as if I live somewhere so far away that I don't know what's going on.
kmo ngii, expr.(someone) cares for him.
See also:
mek, cont.'me k-'
mengetemakl, v.t.confuse; be unclear; speak gibberish; speak or act ambiguously.
mesedelang, v.inch.
See also:
mesedelung, v.pred.
See also:
mesekedung, v.s.pred.
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omas, v.t.cut; make a mark for cutting.
omelecholb, n.baptism; action of showering or cleansing.
rouk, n.
rukeln.poss.3srukel a rouk er ngii; remouk, medakd.
See also: ,
rubekel, n.pl.
See also:
sobelang, v.i.inch.
See also:
uai, var.ua
See also:
uai sei, var.ua se
See also:
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