, pro.what; which; what kind of; anything (but or except).
ngerang a ker; ngera ke melekoi? tia ng ngerang? ngera soam?
ng diak a ngerangpro.nothing.
ngera meexpr.why? for what reason?
ngera ngar ngiiexpr.what's up? what's happening?
ngera uchul meexpr.why? for what reason?
> What are you talking to yourself about?
> What's the meaning of this?/What's this for?
> Why are you so skinny?
> What are you watching the boys who are polishing it?
> He's young and unexperienced (lit. his buttocks are covered with sores) and doesn't know anything.
> Like coconut water, passing from darkness to darkness.
Water, drunk from a coconut, passes from the dark of the nut to the dark of the mouth. Some discussions, such as those of village leaders, are secretively passed from mouth to mouth without public discussion.
> From the mature tree the sapling dribbles.
Eseos is a mature tree, dalm is a sapling; olengimch means to drip, drizzle, or dribble. Application is to the similarity of the child to its parents, generally its father.
More Examples:
> what are your thoughts about the upcoming election?
> What are the odds that we win the baseball game?
> And what do you want to drink?
> What is the laughter about?
> What am I wiping my hands with?
Ngerang, n.hamlet in Melekeok.
Ngerang a rengedel a beluu er a Melekeok.
> What is that (thing near you)?
> What is this?
> They both don't know anything and yet they're trying to explain.
> What are you drinking?
> It's as if I live somewhere so far away that I don't know what's going on.
More Examples:
> Why are Ngerkumer's eyes blinking so much?
> So what if you're my older brother?
> So what if he holds a title?
> So what if he is late, as long as he comes.
> what is the color or your car? is it blue? or is it red?

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