omii, v.t.divide; distribute; separate (people) from each other; part (hair); direct (matter such as to credit to blame) at proper person; open (hands) palm up (as gesture to show that one is out of something, etc.).
omii a merous, meleukes, mii a ngerachel, omii a kall, bingel. a omii er ngii; rengalek a mla mingii a kelir el iedel; bingel. a omii; mibii; merous, bingel a udoud.
omingeln.poss.3sdivision; boundary; line of demarcation; part in hair.
/bingall to be divided or distributed; (hair) is to be parted.
bliiv.r.s.divided; distributed; separated from each other; (hair) parted.
bliongelv.r.s.divided; distributed; separated; separate.
bliongel a blii; mla obii, bliongel er a kall, blingelel a udoud, rusel, bingel.
debiiv.imp.3piLet's divide [our ...]
kebiiv.recip.(people) separate from each other (e.g., get divorced, move to different places, etc.).
kebii a di du el mo chacheroid; mesaod, mo kedort a delongelir; te kasmesumech e mo kebii me ng merael.
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> Let's divide our food.
> The value of such stone money is not only the sheer size of the discs, but the physical and treacherous labor of carving then, and then transporting them back to Yap via outrigger canoe.

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