dechor, v.i.stand, standing; (flag) raised or flying.
dechor a ngar ngii a ochil; tebel a dechor, ngalek a decherong, blai a dechor just standing up.
decherong a mla mo dechor; ngalek a decherong.
kedekedechorv.recip.redup.(group of objects, people) all standing up at once.
mededechorv.redup.standing around doing nothing; loitering.
mededechor a di dechor el diak lodenge loruul, mengkekebelung, di merorael.
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> She can't relax or calm down.
> The school is situated in the general direction of the beach.
> The school faces in the direction of M-Dock.
> Why are you standing up while eating?
> The house stands facing east.
> Are you the son of Redechor
is that why you're standing around so much?
> You're like the bisech plant in the backyard which has no purpose.
A person who isn't trusted so he/she is not needed.
More Examples:
> My house is next to the school.
> Standing on the beach looking out towards the open ocean and the horizon.
> I hit him in the solar plexus and knocked him out.

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