melatk, v.t.remember; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.
melatk a omdasu; lotkii, lmatk, ngar er a skoki e melatk er a Belau, ltkel. a melatk er ngii; kulebes er ngii e kuk lotkii. a dobedebek; lotkang; diak lobes, ak mla lmatk a klumech, lotkii, ltkel.
kelatkv.recip.remember/think about each other.
kelatk a didu el melatk; kadebedebek; rekaiuetoir a di du el kelatk; lotkii, lmatk a cheldechedechal, ltkel.
llatk a mla lmatk; mla dobedebek.
lotkangv.t.inch.begin to remember.
ltukelv.a.s.(someone) is to be remembered (because he will be a titled person).
ltukel a kirel a omelatk; ungil a omerellel el chad a ltukel; klou a omelatk el kirel; kedung el chad a ltukel, ltkel.
meltelatkv.t.redup.think about continually.
meltelatk a blechoel el melatk; telkib el melatk.
melatk a rengulexpr.consider someone's feelings.
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> I'm thinking about going (or planning to go) fishing tomorrow.

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