di, mod.only; just; any.
di a olkael; di kau a mei e diak a ngodech; di tedei el buik a mong; se di kau, se di ngii.
el di mle ngiiexpr.all by himself; on his own.
ngii di lebongexpr.whatever it is; whatever there may be.
> My child ran away by himself.
> The survivors scattered, each man running off by himself.
> I'll just rest here for a while and then go.
> I got myself into hot water.
> Everytime We come here, you ridicule us. Am I your inferior?
> You grab and then you pick it up.
Like telling a joke, you're still telling it yet you laugh like you just heard it.
> He's like the chambered nautilus whose shell is very fragile.
When provoked, he gets easily irritated or angered.
> Be strong, shallows are close
Crossing the lagoon, a canoe is poled in shallow water, paddled in deep. The phrase refers to canoeists tiring after a long paddle over deep water. Applied when someone is about to give up, though better times are ahead.
> It's like the coconut syrup of Ngetkib, which mixes all by itself.
He has married within his own clan.
> Like the mud fish of the Bngei lagoon, drawn to the passing wind
The reef fish mud seldom leaves a given rock or cleft in the reef, but according to this saying the mud of Bngei lagoon, near Airai, may be attracted away from their locus by the dust raised by a passing school of fish. The latter portion of this proverb is difficult to translate. The word melecheb may be applied to a person drawn forward by a current of water. Rrengor refers to a movement of air caused by one body passing another. The idiom is applied to a changeable person, a faddist, or a joiner
More Examples:
> Fix your legs, I can see your privates.
> There are people who just know how to talk and thats about it.
> I'll be in Palau for only one week
> I hit him in the solar plexus and knocked him out.
> Don't just take a drink from the bottle and pour your drink in a cup.

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