omechar, v.caus.fill (container) with liquid.
omechar a locha er a chelsel; smuk a ralm; mechar a ollumel er a ralm, ocherul a olmelel. a omechar er ngii; locha ralm er ngii; mecherur a ollumel er a ralm, ocherul. a omekeek; mesuk, mechar ollumel er a ralm, mecherur a butiliang, ocherul.
mocharv.erg.mochar a ulechar; mla mochar a ollumel er a ralm; mla mekeek a ollumel er a ilumel; ocherul a ollumel. to be filled with liquid.
ocheruul a kirel el mokeek, ralm a ocheruul er a butiliang; mesuk er a chelsel; mecherur a ollumel; ocherul.
ulecharv.r.s.filled with liquid.
ulechar a mla mochar; ulekeek; ollumel a ulechar er a ralm; mecherur a butiliang.
See also:
> He went to the store to buy something.
> Go to the store and buy us food.
More Examples:
> I'm going to buy clothes.
> I need to go buy me some pants for school.
> I'm going to the store to buy rice and canned meat.
> I'm going to buy pants and a shirt and shoes.
> What are you going to buy?
omechar a mechar el olab a udoud; mecherar a beras, omechar a ngikel, ocheral a dekool. a omechar er ngii; ocheral. a omechar; mecherar a blai, mechar a mlai, msa udoud e nguu a klalo, ocheral.
kaiuecharv.recip.engage in transaction of buying and selling; buy things together.
kaiuechar a didu el omechar; mecherar a ngikel me a mechar a beras; ocheral.
mocharv.erg.get bought or bribed.
mochar a ulechar; mecherar, mechar, blik a mla mochar er a ocheraol; ocheral. to be bought.
ocheraol a kirel el mochar; omechar a kall; skuul a ocheraol; ralm a ocheraol; mecherar, mechar, ocheral.
ulechar a mla mochar; chutem a ulechar; mla mecherar, mechar, cheral, ocheral.
See also: ,
> There'll be a money-raising party tomorrow.
> Go to the store and buy us food.
> He hasn't bought it (yet).
> He's bought his car so he's bicycle is now left unused.
> Water is free (lit., doesn't need to be bought) (so why don't you take a shower?).
More Examples:
> I really like your dress. Where did you buy it?
> The sum of all the money that was collected, i was able to buy my house.
> I'm going to buy clothes.
> What are you going to buy?
> I need to go buy me some pants for school.

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