, v.s.redup.small; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded (as to appear smaller).
kekerei a diak leklou; Bung a kekerei er a Chesuch.
kekeremusv.s.very small; tiny.
kekeremus a kmal kekerei; kekeremus el ngalek; tetengemud. kekerengel; kekerengel a omengkar er ngii; mengkar er a bangk.
/mekerei; young; (eyes) slit; (so) crowded.
mekekerei a kekeriei; bilas a mekekerei er a diall; diak le meklou.
mekekeriei a mekekerei.
kekere a rengulexpr.uncomfortable; impatient.
kekere el blaiexpr.toilet.
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> I need to buy new clothes because my clothes are already small.

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