buil, n.moon; month.
buil a klou el chaibibeob el btuch el kmard a le klebesei er a eanged; tab el buil, orakiruu, oidudur.
merek, v.t.end; finish.
merek a rrekui; merekong; ng mla mo merek a urreor; rekil a urreor.
merek, v.t.talk harshly or meanly to.
merek a oldiu el oungeroel; mla rokengid e merael; kiei el merek er kid.
merek, n.flat part of reef.
merek a chelmoll el kesai a bad er ngii.
omerek, v.t.spread (blanket, clothes, news, etc.); stretch out (arms, legs); propogate (religion, belief, etc.); cast or toss (e.g. fishnet); flatten and spread out (e.g. earth).
omerek a merek, merekii a bail, merek a babier, berekel.
rak, n.year; age; a long while ago (Each Palauan year contains 6 months and corresponds to a period of continuing easterly or westerly winds).
rak a uldekial a 12 el buil; ngar er ngii a 360 el klebesei er a chelsel a ta el rak; kot el rak el ngalek a ta rekil.
, n., [From English] week; Sunday.
Sangdei a ongeuid el sils er a ta el sangdei; ulengull el sils.

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