melacheb, v.t.(fish) wound or prick with spine.
techebel a ngikel a melacheb; mesumes; tochebii a ochil; tacheb. a melacheb er ngii; ngikel a mla tochebii a ochik; techebel. a melacheb; meas a mla tuacheb a chimal; tochebii a ochik; techebel.
meritechetachebv.s.redup.(surface) rough, coarse or spiny.
meritechetacheb a betok a techebel; diak el meaiu; tacheb er a meritechetacheb.
telachebv.r.s.wounded/pricked with spine of fish.
telacheb a mla metacheb; telacheb er a ngikel.
meritechetacheb a medalexpr.eyes hurt from lack of sleep.
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> Be careful de scaling the fish so that you dont get hurt from its spikes.

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