, v.t.hit against (wall, floor etc.).
melirem a melemall; tiremii a belatong; tuirem a reng; ngalek a melirem er a bdelul. a melirem er ngii; teremel a olekang. a melirem; melarek; tiremii, tuirem a belatong, teremel.
metiremv.erg.get hit.
teliremv.r.s.hit against; (pot, dish etc.) chipped.
telirem a telkib el telemall; telkib el mekngit; tiremii a medal; teremel a reng.
merirem er a rengulexpr.hurt someone's feelings.
telirem a rengulexpr.feelings hurt.
See also:
> You will be disappointed by Egypt, just as you were by Assyria.
> Do you intend to disappoint me like a stream that goes dry in the summer?

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