mo, aux.will; shall; become; get.
mo a melekoi er a ngar medad; mo er a klukuk; ng mo el merekong? ng mo e mei. er a
mloaux.past.became; got.
mlo a melekoi er a taem el tekoi a dilubech; mlo kot er a rurt; mlo smecher; mlo er a omerael.
mlorcont.mlo er
mloracont.mlo er a er a
ng mo er ngiiexpr.there will be.
> He will watch the/some babies.
> I'm going to have an operation.
> It's been almost a week since he's been staying here.
> You will be disappointed by Egypt, just as you were by Assyria.
> The words of the Lord came to Jeremiah while he was still imprisoned in the palace courtyard.
> Like coconut water, passing from darkness to darkness.
Water, drunk from a coconut, passes from the dark of the nut to the dark of the mouth. Some discussions, such as those of village leaders, are secretively passed from mouth to mouth without public discussion.
> It's like the foam of the sea, which forms unexpectedly and then disappears.
It's a matter that comes up for lengthy discussions and then is dropped without resolution or effect.
More Examples:
> Who won?
> Be careful de scaling the fish so that you dont get hurt from its spikes.
> I only wish that we will see each other in the future.
> I need to buy new clothes because my clothes are already small.
> Could I catch a ride with you to the city?

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