omeliik, v.t.pick (coconut).
omeliik a melai er a bab; meliik a mengur, melkii a medecheduch, belkel a mengur. coconuts from (tree).
melkii a omeliik er ngii; melai a lius, mengur. coconuts from (tree). (coconuts).
meliik a omeliik; orrebet; meliik a mengur, melkii a lius, belkel. (coconuts).
ngikeln.poss.3sngikel a omeliik er ngii; melai, meliik a dechil a bilis.
> I'm eatin a piece of fish.
> The ocean of our islands is abundant in fish.
> I've eaten tapioca, fish and crab.
> Fish is expensive.
> We can catch many kinds of fish.
More Examples:
> We use fish scale to scale fish
> Be careful de scaling the fish so that you dont get hurt from its spikes.
> I fried some fish and chicken for dinner tonight.
> The fish scales are good fertilizer.
> They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun

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