mesuud, v.t.shred (paper; leaves); strip off (skin; meat; etc.); grab/pull away.
mesuud a merrakl; melbotb, suedii, smuud a ulechel a kim; suedel. a mesuud er ngii; sudel a berdel a kim. a mesuud; mesodel; meruul el mo mekekerei, smuud a kebui, soudii.
kesuudv.recip.shred things together.
kesuud a kesodel; didu el mesuud; mesodel; smuud a chemelir el kebui, soudii a kebui, sudel.
seluudv.r.s.shredded; stripped off.
seluud a seloud; mla mesuud; mla smuud a berdel a kim.
/sedall to be shredded/stripped off.
sedall a terekill; kirel el meterakl; babii a sedall el mo mekekerei a kldelel.
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> Toki is strongly attached to Droteo./It's no longer possible to pull Toki away from Droteo.

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