, num.1 [one] (unit of time; human; counting).
tang a ochur el chimong , ta el buil, ta el tekoi, ta el chad.
talcont.ta el
taracont.ta er a
el di ngak el tangexpr.alone; by myself.
ko el tangexpr.the very first time; the first time after a long while.
ngii di el tangexpr.either one; anything.
ta el chadexpr.one person; (persons) having same mother or father; (persons) of same blood.
ta el rakexpr.one year.
ta el silsexpr.one day.
ta er kemamexpr.one of our relatives (usually, close); one of us.
ta er ngakexpr.one of my relatives (usually, close).
ta er tirexpr.one of them.
> This is the first time you've been here in ages.
> The door was opened by one of the teachers to cool down the classroom.
> Give me a basket that's a little bigger.
> People tend to start arriving at one o'clock.
> They were happy in an hour.
> Like the blow at Utaor, one stroke for all
A person or perhaps a club of the hamlet of Utaor (a hamlet of either Koror or Chol) offended a major village and, in consequence, the village retaliated by attacking the whole hamlet. The idiom applies to any general statement or punishment that might better be directed toward a particular group or individual
> It's like the birth of a rat with one offspring per mother.
It's something that happens just once, something I put up with only once.
> Like the breadfruit of Kayangel, just one rotten piece will spoil the whole bunch.
One bad person can ruin the reputation of a whole group.
> A blind man leading another blind man.
The application is identical to that of the familiar English idiom
More Examples:
> I'm borrowing money not less than a thousand dollars.
> I only wish that we will see each other in the future.
> I'll be in Palau for only one week
> Im going to harvest one of my taro square. It is now big harvest season time.
> Teach your child to respect themselves so that they can respect others.

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