cheroll, n.birth; birthday.
cheroll a omechell; mechell, mechellii a ngalek, cherellel.
cherelleln.poss.3scherellel a cheroll er ngii, sils le mlechell er ngii.
cherellirn.poss.3p generation.
telecheroll a generation ; ngeltengat a rechedal tia el telecheroll el Merikel a mlo oba Belau me ng mleakl.
ulemcherollv.s.(woman) having already borne children.
tekoi er a cherollexpr.ancient chant sung to facilitate delivery of a baby.
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> It's like the birth of a rate (with just one offspring per mother) (i.e. it's something that happens just once, something I'll do or put with only once, etc.).
> It's like the birth of a rat with one offspring per mother.
It's something that happens just once, something I put up with only once.
> Like the bearing of a rat, once and that is the end.
According to this saying, the rat bears but one litter. Hence the application "once is enough" about an act that bears no repeating.
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> How was your labor?

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