bek, mod.each; every.
bek a rokui; bek el chad, bek el klalo, bek el bedengel.
ched, n.low tide.
ched a meched; kesai a ralm; chedelchei; chedil a omouachel.
elii, n.yesterday.
elii a sils el uchei er a chelechang, ak mle er a elii.
kelekolt, n.coldness.
kelekolt a mekelekolt; kerrasem; diak lemekeald; kelekeltel.
klukuk, n.tomorrow; the next or following day.
klukuk a sils el uriul er a chelechang; klukuk a Sebadong.
sus, n.greeting; gesture of greeting (e.g., bowing head; etc.); salute.
sus a osus; meluu e mengull a rechad ungil el tutau a sus.
sus er a suelebexpr.midday greeting.
sus er a tutauexpr.morning greeting.
, n.morning; this morning.
tutau a ngesechel a sils el mo sueleb; ungil tutau; tutungang.
, v.s.good; nice; satisfactory; advantageous.
ungil a meringelechad, ungil el ues; beruadel a ungil omerellel; klebokel; diak le mekngit; ungial.

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