, n.morning; this morning.
tutau a ngesechel a sils el mo sueleb; ungil tutau; tutungang.
v.s.be morning.
n.Palau morning bird.
tutungangv.s.inch.is becoming or getting to be morning.
a letutauexpr.mornings; in the morning.
er a elecha el tutauexpr.this morning.
er a tutau er a klukukexpr.tomorrow morning.
ungil el tutauexpr.good morning.
See also:
> It's getting to be morning, so you'd better be leaving.
> Keep a stiff upper lip - things will improve (lit. morning is approaching).
> Be strong, morning is nigh.
Encouragement to the depressed to take heart.
More Examples:
> Good morning. Are you sick?
> He was running late this morning and left without his lunch.
> My mom went for a check up this morning. I went to drop her off.
> What did Mary have for breakfast
> A green garden snake chased me this morning. Darn snake!

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