eabed, n.cloud.
eabed a ngar er a bab; melidiul, eabed a melenget a diich, merael el eabed, ulat el eabed, ebedel.
merael el eabedexpr.low, fast-moving clouds.
ulat el eabedexpr.high, stationary clouds.
See also:
> I will climb to the tops of the clouds.
> Who is wise enough to count the clouds and tilt them over to pour out the rain?
> You're like the man from Ngerchelong who uses clouds to mark locations of his fishtraps.
You depend too much on people who are unreliable.
> Close to the turmeric plant.
Tubers more than once removed from the original turmeric root are referred to as ebedel ("beside" or "close to"). The reference is to ego's sister's children. More distant offspring of a single maternal line may be simply termed "kesol." A more detailed discussion of these "turmeric-kinship terms is provided by the Force article, as follows: "A man calls his sister's children by the same term which is used to designate the proximal tuber, ebedel a kesol (literally, 'close to the turmeric plant'), whereas a sister's female child's children are called by the name for the next nearest tuber, pkul a kesol (literally, 'projection of the turmeric plant'). Offspring of the next descending generation in the maternal line are called kedkengel a kesol. The term kedkengel means 'a new shoot' and is customarily used to designate a new shoot of taro."
> You're like the old man of Ngerechelong who uses a cloud to mark the location of his fishtrap.
i.e. you depend too much on people who are unreliable.
omat, v.t.put (pot, food in pot) on fire; put; place; pound (something) into ground; (boat) jump up and down in waves.
omat a mo kmedii; metir a olekang er a ingukl, omat er a btil a di dengchokl e chetil el merael; otil.
matv.pf.3p.inan.mat a omat; mla mat a ngeliokl; mat a olekang er a ingukl; metir, otil a ngeliokl.
v.erg.moat a ulat; metir; mat a klengoes; otil er a ingukl; moat er a chutem el mesiuch a sengchel.
ometuatv.s.bouncing up and down (as in a car on a bumpy road, or a boat in rough seas).
ometuat a betok el omat el mo er a bab e mei er eou; mekngit a rael me a mlai a ometuat.
omtoatv.i.redup.(boat) keep bouncing up and down in waves; (person) bounce up and down in waves; (person) bounce up and down (when in car, on horse, etc.).
omtoatv.t.redup.make (boat) jump up and down in water.
ulatv.r.s.put over fire; put; placed; pounded into ground.
ulat a loiang; olekang a ulat er a ingukl; ulat a btil a ungil el dengchokl; otil a olekang.
utiilv.a.s.is to be put over fire; is to be put or placed; is to be pounded into ground.
utiil a ngklel a irimd. utiil a klalo el kirel el mouat; omat a irimd; melai a mekoll er a budel.
omat a irimdexpr.collect sea cucumber.
omat er a btilexpr.sit down.
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More Examples:
> Put the pot on the kerosene stove.
> The boat is hitting the waves hard making my hips sore.

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